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Cake Flavors & Frosting's

Cake Flavor


French Vanilla

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Chocolate Chip


Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate Mint




Cake Frosting's

Vanilla Bean



Chocolate Fudge

Swiss Chocolate

Chocolate Dream(w/d)





Premium Cakes

Red Velvet

Blue Velvet


Pink Champagne

Butter Pecan*

Butter Caramel

Spiced Rum

Banana Nut*

Banana Chocolate Chip



Premium Frosting/Fillings

Cream Cheese

Chocolate Ganache

Wht Chocolate Ganache

Real Strawberries


Marshmellow Fost


Mint Chocolate Chip

Key Lime

Salted Caramel

Toasted Almond

Whipped Cream

Customize your Cake

                     You can customize the inside of your cake just as much as the outside with our mix-and-match flavor chart.

The top of our handy dandy chart lists all the flavors of cake we can bake. The flavors listed in peach colored circles can be done in either custom cakes or cupcakes. The ones in green circles are cupcakes only because they come with specific buttercream toppings and fillings that aren’t possible in larger custom cakes.

1. Choose your flavor cake

2. Choose your flavor of buttercream filling.

3. Choose your OUTSIDE Covering

- Italian meringue Buttercream or Fondant

      For most tiered and sculpted cakes, each serving has 3 layers of cake, 2 layers of buttercream filling, an outer buttercream crumb coat, and a thin layer of our hand made marshmallow fondant. Check out the photos below to see how the cake looks plated!                                                                  

                                                    ** PREMIUMS have an Extra Charge . This is Done by TIER SIZE

**All Frosting are made from the Base of My Ooh So Amazing Buttercreme Icing, which gives it that Delicious Taste.

** Any Vanilla Cake or Frosting _ Can be dyed Free of Charge


Icing Cupcakes - $45/Dozen

Premium Cupcakes - $50/Dozen

Fondant Cupcakes - $55/Dozen +up

100% Lactose/ Dairy Free Upon Request - $55/Dozen

Black & White

A crowd pleasing marble swirl of chocolate and vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream


Chocolate cake with coffee flavored frosting

Chocolate Hazelnut

Rich, decadent chocolate hazelnut cake with chocolate hazelnut buttercream

Death by Chocolate

Chocolate cake with our irresistible chocolate frosting


The classic birthday cake – vanilla cake with colorful sprinkles baked throughout paired with vanilla frosting

Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate cake with either velvety raspberry buttercream or a sweeter raspberry frosting


A refreshing combination of lemon cake and either velvety lemon buttercream

Classic Vanilla

Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting

Premium Cupcakes 

Salted Caramel**

Excite your taste buds! Moist dark chocolate cake paired with creamy chocolate buttercream, our homemade caramel and a touch of sea salt

Cookies & Cream**

A very popular birthday cake option – moist chocolate cake with Oreo crumb frosting

Cookie Dough**

Vanilla chocolate chip cake with cookie dough frosting

Red Velvet**

Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

Strawberries & Cream**

Vanilla cake with creamy strawberry buttercream

Guinness Chocolate**

Guinness beer gives this chocolate cake a rich dark flavor that’s paired nicely with cream cheese frosting

Coconut Sensation**

Fluffy coconut cake with coconut frosting


Flavorful Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Peanut Butter & Chocolate**

Chocolate cake with creamy peanut butter frosting

Chocolate Mint**

Minty chocolate cake with mint flavor and frosting

Piña Colada**

Fluffy coconut cake with pineapple frosting

Rocky Road**

Chocolate cake layered with chocolate frosting, mini marshmallows and crunchy walnuts

Chocolate Covered Banana**

Banana cake paired with either velvety chocolate buttercream or a more rich, sweet chocolate frosting


Graham cracker, chocolate chip cake layered with rich chocolate frosting and mini marshmallows

Boston Cream**

Vanilla cake layered with homemade vanilla custard and rich chocolate frosting


Chocolate cake with alternating layers of chocolate frosting, homemade caramel and peanut butter frosting